Free Engagement Party Invitations

The engagement party is a big celebration which marks the beginning of a series of celebrations that are traditionally undertaken before the wedding. The engagement party marks the occasion of the groom asking the bride (or vice versa) to be wed. So it is very important to get the engagement party invitations right and using some of our ridiculously cool Free Engagement Party Invitations is a very good start to a successful and happy marriage. Friends and family are invited to celebrate. The party is usually by invitation only and is a good way to get to know your new family in laws! Also, provided the news of the engagement is met with a positive response from both sides, the engagement party is a good excuse to get on the sauce. The engagement party is usually thrown by the bride and groom to be and is usually a house party. The bride and/or grooms house or either parents house is an acceptable choice for venue for this party. The engagement party can also be very informal and a keg can sometimes be involved, which is always a good start to a party! Good luck in your wedding!

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Free engagement party invitations
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The time leading up to the wedding can be very exciting for all involved. Careful planning and attention to detail can ensure a successful series of events. Please feel free to use any of my invitations for any event you may be planning. My invitations are suitable for printing on paper or cards and are free to print and you can even use them for scrapbooking. See my full range of free printable invitations and other free printables online.

THERE ARE NO CATCHES, POP UPS OR JOINING UP. Simply find an invitation that you like, and print it. Easy!

I wish you well and hope that your engagement party is a HUGE success! Please come back for your hens and bachelor party invitations as well as free wedding invites.