Free 21st Birthday Party Invitations

The 21st birthday is a huge event. In some countries such as North America, it signifies a legal drinking age and grants you the right to vote. In other countries like Australia, where we begin drinking and voting at age 18, the 21st is a great excuse for a massive party for friends and family. The 21st birthday remains amongst the most celebrated around the world and it is an important milestone in anybody’s life! To ensure a fabulous 21st party, it is important to have great invitations to reflect your personality. My free 21st invitations are sure to please even the fussiest 21 year old. Download and print my invitations free of charge. Print from your home printer to cut costs.

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The 21st birthday party can be planned by the guest of honor or the family or friends. A keg is usually served to satisfy the sophisticated palate of the average 21 year old! Aaaaah I am just jealous!! Haha. Here are some fab invites for your 21st birthday so be sure to download and print them for free, compliments of me. Party safe and drink sensibly.