Yes. Anybody can use these invitations for their own use. You cannot modify or change the invitations in any way. This would be a breach of my copyright. You also may not sell these designs or use them for a purpose to profit you.

You can print these invitations exactly as you would any other document, using the print function in the file menu. For more detailed printing instructions, see our printing information here.

There are links on these page to professional printers who can print my designs for you. You can take it to a local printer to have the invitations printed for your party. Remember that these invitations were designed for home printers, however they will show up beautifully when printed by a professional printer.

When the invitation is displayed on your screen, press the save option located in the ‘file’ menu to the top right. Choose the location you wish to save the invitation to and you can then send this file to the printer. Note that you cannot modify my files as this would be a breach of my copyrights.

You can find out all about me in my ‘about me’ page. Click here to be taken to this page.

You are welcome to use my invitations for other projects as long as you do not breach my copyright. You are also not permitted to sell project s using my designs or invitations. Contact me for further clarification.

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