Your pet deserves a free animal birthday invitation

Does your dog or cat have a birthday coming up soon? Well then start filling out free animal birthday invitations and prepare to throw them a shindig they will never forget! Anybody who has ever had an animal as a pet can understand the need to celebrate a beloved pet’s birthday. I have always celebrated by dogs birthday party every year and he has always enjoyed himself. I have never seen a pet birthday invitation in any store anywhere before so this is why I decided to feature them on my website.

This is what inspired me to create this section of the site that is dedicated to FREE animal birthday party invites, particularly dogs and cats. So below you will find a sweet collection of free animal birthday party invitations for you to use for free. 

I will be adding more free designs and party ideas as time goes by, but for now there are a few good ones to choose from. Again, all my invitations are free to use so plan an elaborate affair for your pets next birthday knowing that we have invitations to suit your style at all free invitations dot com!

A dogs or cats birthday party has as much right to be celebrated as a humans as usually they make better friends than humans do. See below for dog birthday party ideas as well as gift ideas. I also have cat birthday party invitations.


A dog or cat party can be a fun and rewarding experience if planned properly. The first thing to consider is getting the pet to human ratio correct. I suggest more humans than pets and only stick to pets that your pet is familiar with as this will make them feel a little more secure. If you are holding the party at your house, keep in mind that dogs and cats are very particular about their territory and can get a bit stroppy when other pets try to spray their scent in these areas.

You may have a spraying war on your hands especially if there are too many male pets at the party. I suggest keeping the amount of pet guests to a maximum of 3 or 4 and the human guests to a maximum of 6 to 8. Dogs can get confused and may resort to nipping or jumping when they are confused or frightened and this may be undesirable for your human guests.

We have some great dog birthday party invitations on this site as well as invites for virtually any occasion. The pets birthday party can be made special by issuing each guest with a stunning invitation from to begin with! You can bake a cake for the birthday person and give each guest a ‘doggy bag’ when they leave. You can fill this with treats and other yummy little munchies! Make it a special occasion because our pets are not with us long and we have to make every moment count!

You can use any invitation you want to on this website. Just download the pdf and print it. So easy!

I wish you well and hope that you all have a good time and stay safe. Remember to hold your drink the whole night so nobody can get a chance to put something in there. Also remember that regrets never did anybody and good.