Free surprise party invitations right here!! Surprise parties are so much fun and planning is half the fun!. The idea is to make sure that the guest of honor has no idea that the party has been planned. Make it your mission to plan the party without getting sprung! Some people are naturally nosy so you have to make sure you keep it under your hat. I have invitations made especially for surprise party’s so that your guests will be aware and should not let on when they see the guest before the party.

How To Keep a Secret

This makes it especially easy for your guests to figure out that they should not tell the guest of honor! I also have party ideas and plenty of suggestions for themed parties. All my invitations are free invitations so help yourself to as many as you need! My party invitations are well known on the internet and I have invites for just about any type of party or event.

cake balloons and gifts

surprise party free invitations

Don't tell the guest about the surprise

Blue border champagne

hugging couple in party hats

Blue sky background streamers

champagne drinking party hat wearer

birthday party invite

guest sitting at table with blowers

pink and blue pregnant lady with punch bowl

Balloons festivities and dancing

pointy hat

cake and gifts pink icing

crazy carrot man with green tie

hats and streamers pastel background

group shot hands over eyes

champers popping

bright coloured surprise party invitation

rabbit out of a hat

faceless people with party cake and gifts

A Word About Printing

My invitations are suitable for printing onto cards or directly to paper. If you are stuck for a party theme or party idea you might like to try visiting my themed parties page by clicking here. You can have a party to rival any Hollywood glamour party if you put some thought and effort into preparing your party. Consider the venue, what food and drink you will serve, what music you will play etc. Start with an invitation to impress and attract your friends and guests.

Making your own party invitations is also a great idea. You can use any of my party invitations as a base and decorate with glitter, ribbons or any other embellishment. Another good idea is to use my invitations for your scrap-booking projects. You can cut them up and use them in photo albums or any other scrapbooking application, provided you do not infringe on my copyright. I am adding to the range of party invitations all the time so be sure to come back each time you have a party or any other event for that matter. We have a massive range of hundreds of invitations for any occasion.

Feel free to print as many as you need!

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