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Hens Night – The Last Night of Freedom

Hens Night – The Last Night of Freedom

It’s finally here, you’re tying the knot soon! From a young lady, you’re about to have a party you will never forget before the wedding. Well that’s what we hope your bridesmaids have planned. We have a few ideas for you, but make sure you have a great night, because it’s the last night of freedom! That’s right, you can hear the wedding bells just around the corner so get ready for a massive bender!

But hold your horses there. Sure, you’re about to get married, but not quite just yet. How about celebrating with a massive party for your last night of freedom? I’m talking about a full blown, chaotic but fun hens night with a bunch of your gal pals! Girls nights out are always super fun and end up being the stories we tell when we are old. You know the boys are out having their stag, so get ready to go one better.

What’s a Hens Night?

Hens night, also known as a bachelorette party, is a girls-only get together to let loose and be a single lady for one last time. It’s that one night prior to your wedding day when you get to release all your inhibitions with your best friends and have a great time. Your bridesmaids are there, and you can also invite some of your closest peers in the party.

Still not getting the picture? Instead of saying what happens during a hens night, it might be better to give you an example. Have you watched the films “Rough Night” and “Bachelorette?” While those take on an overblown take on hens nights, they pretty much give you the idea.

If that sounds a bit wild for you, then you can opt for a tamed down bridal shower instead. Although, there are those that have both, so why not, right?

How to Have a Great Hens Night

While a common theme for hens nights in the past was a debauchery-filled evening with strippers and wild games, modern takes on the said party is slowly veering away from that. Now it’s all about plain fun, and that means no humiliating the bride-to-be with activities you wouldn’t be comfortable with.

So what are the things that you can do? Here are a few ideas that you can absolutely try.

Create Your Own Booze

One thing that makes anyone unguarded is a shot of sambucca or two. Now it would be boring just to pick a brand and be done with it, right? So why not be all creative with your gals and set up a cute bar, have a few juices, berries, and other alcoholic beverages that you can mix and match? Pair that with a great chat and you’re having fun!

Build a Life Size Frame

We all want to take a piece of the moment when we were still single ladies and partying, so why not make it last with a photo? But we don’t want to settle for just any picture. Have a huge frame that you and your friends hold while posing in front of the camera! Even Instagram filters can’t beat that!

activity ideas for your hens party (Medium)

Try Bra Pong

Beer pong is so yesterday. Have you heard about bra bong? Just hoist colorful ones on a board with corresponding points and you’re sure to have a unique but inexpensive activity with your gals.

Belt Your Heart Out

We can’t all be like Beyonce or Christina, but who doesn’t like singing? Time to put your karaoke skills to the test and just be silly with your friends. Be the queen that you are for that night!

Satisfy Your Need for Speed

Who says you can’t be pretty and athletic? You might want to visit a nearby GoKart racetrack and burn some rubber! It’s an exhilarating activity to do, not to mention all the screaming and hollering can do you good.

There are plenty of things you can do, but one thing’s for sure – it’s just the start of even more fun!

Hens Night - Last Night Of Freedom

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Chocolate Candies in Jars - All Free Invitations

Cheap Party Favor Ideas

Throwing a party is always exciting, but it wouldn’t be complete without guests who go out of their way to come and join the fun. So how do you thank them for turning up at your shindig? Through party favors of course! Keeping the costs of party favors down gives you more leeway on your actual party budget, so cutting costs without looking cheap is the order of the day.

Today, let’s look at some cheap party favor ideas that won’t break your budget.

Homemade Favors

Toy Panda with Party Favors - All Free InvitationsSome of the best party favors are not always the expensive choices available in a specialty store. A lot of guests enjoy personalized favors even more. The fact that you have put some thought into the gift really does go a  long way with some people.

So for your next party, try to think of giveaways that you can do yourself. For example, you can make DIY friendship bracelets, or plant some little plants in tiny pots, a small homemade chocolate or other delicacy. It is the personal touch that these little things bring, that remind your guests of the party.

Take-Home Party Crafts as Instant Favors

Now let’s say you don’t have much time for planning and creating DIY party favors. Fear not, because there’s a way you can include your guests in making them! Try having a fun activity where they make certain art projects – it could be picture frames, tye dyeing, hand painted cushion covers, etc. – the possibilities are endless! Simply find something that you think suits the day, then head to youtube to find a tutorial on how to make it.

Party Photos with Thank-You Notes

What’s a better way to make an event memorable than pictures? What you can do is set up a webcam that snaps pictures of your guests with silly props. Think of it as a DIY photobooth. You can hire these photobooths and they can get a bit pricey, so if you want to do this on the cheap, you can easily set up your own photobooth.

This way it becomes more personal, more heartfelt, not to mention it reminds your guests just how fun the party was! You can email these pictures to your friends or post them straight to Facebook to share the fun.

Puzzle Pieces for the Thinker

For kiddies parties, it is always great to stimulate the minds of the little ones. One great way is by getting them to do puzzles, which are just cheap party favors that you can purchase in dollar stores. They bring the fun at home even after the party, so it’s a winner definitely!

Cheap Party Favor Ideas - All Free Invitations

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