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If you are hard up for 60th birthday party ideas, then this may be of interest to you. This particular milestone can be a bit tricky as people aren’t really elderly, however they aren’t spring chickens either. Finding a happy medium is key to ensuring your beloved has a great time without feeling out of place.

Finding ways to celebrate 60th birthdays is one of those things that give an opportunity to show someone that they are loved and that they are special. When looking for inspiration for planning a party, no worries. Below are some birthday party ideas as well as themes that can be used to make that person smile.

Don’t Make it a Joke

A 60th birthday means that no one should be making fun of how old the person is. This is the start of the retirement stage, and many people see it as a huge turning point for them. It is best to be respectful and push them into looking forward to the senior years in a more positive way. Focus on their youth and celebrate life accomplishments whether it is professional, family or relationships. Incorporate a lot of nostalgic elements and personal memories.

These ideas are all about celebrating who a person is, and not the age, and when you use these 60th birthday party ideas, you can make it as personal as you want.

There is a reason that a 60th anniversary gift is a diamond. 60 is a really special number. Whenever someone is getting close to being on the earth for 7 decades, it needs to be celebrated.

Some themed party ideas to celebrate 60th birthdays might be:

Elvis party
High tea
Garden party

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When to Invite People

8 weeks before the event, the invitations will need to be sent out. Try to send them no later than 2 weeks before the event. The sooner is always better, but it should not keep a person from getting invitations at the last minute. They can be rushed if time is a problem. Ensure that you include the reason for the party, as well as the time and date, and the venue where it will be held. Also, add in RSVP information and lastly, the name and contact details of the host.

Some unique and popular party ideas for a 60th Birthday which are usually a hit with people in that age range are below. Some of these ideas assure the person that they are loved and can really make the person feel special:

On the day you were born table: Go to a library in the area that has a newspaper archive and copy news articles from the day of birth. Also look for major events that happened during their birth year and then print fun facts from the birth year. Leave them on the tables during the party as these  make great conversation starters. Party guests can browse the tables and marvel at the cool stuff that happened on the guests birthday.

Create a Guest Generated Card: Create something people can sign and leave personalised birthday wishes. It can be a large oversized birthday card, personalised sign board, or guest book. You can get creative here with some designs which the birthday person can keep.

Make a memento table. Fill this with pictures and mementos from the life of the person such as past birthdays, graduations, wedding day, etc. Party games are a really great way to include everyone in a single activity so plan a few games which can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

So Much To Remember

By the age of 60 a person has achieved a fair amount of things in their life. Most would have children, some grandchildren. Some have served in the armed services, others have raised children who have gone on to have kids of their own. There are so many possibilities and it’s nice to honour these people with a party they will enjoy and remember.

In the past 60 years, they have done so much, made unbreakable friendships, done amazing feats, and hopefully have established a great legacy. Highlight their achievements at their party. The great thing about a party is that it can be large or small, which means it can be made to be as elaborate as a person wants.

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