Free housewarming party invitations can be used when planning an event at your new home.

There is nothing like the freedom of moving into a new house. A good party can be a most effective way of adjusting to your new environment. The house warming idea goes back quite a few hundred years to the time when there was no electricity. Guests traditionally brought firewood, hence the name. The best way to plan a house warming is to begin by sending out invitations to your guests 2 weeks before the party.

We all know the best way to send out invitations is to use a free one. Always a top way to christen the new home. This is done by inviting friends around to party at your new place. Use one of my invitations to ensure that you get a good turnout. Free invitations are the way to go so you have more money to spend on the party! You won’t find many free housewarming party invitations online so take advantage of my free range.

Housewarming parties are pretty popular around the world and its a good way to show people your new digs.  This can be a BBQ, or you can even go for a Fancy Dress theme. We have so many different suggestions here that you will be spoiled for choice.