Kids Parties & Events can be time consuming to plan and execute.

When you become a parent you suddenly need all these event management skills you never had before! Anybody who has kids understands that there are so many events that you need invitations for. From parties, to events and even play dates, you never know when you are going to need to print something out and pass it around. With this in mind, we have an extensive kids section that has everything you need. You can download and print these party and event invitations whenever you need them.

The good thing about this is you only print as many as you need, and you wont’ have heaps of old invitations laying around the house. When you have kids, you end up accumulating enough junk and we don’t want to add to that.

So below you will find invitations for some kids events or parties. Birthday parties are listed here too. Also be sure to check out themed parties as kids love these. You might also want to consider taking the kids out to eat (use the kids eat free directory) and using a dinner party invitation for this event.

Check out all the different themes because there will definitely be something there to suit you and your event. This website has been around since the early 2000’s with a few facelifts over the years. But I still offer the same thing I always have, which is some free designs that you can use for your party or event. 

Even if you are only looking for some ideas or inspiration, then you are in the right place. I consider myself to be an expert in kids parties and events, having planned them over the last decade. So much has chagned and planning a party for a toddler is much different thatn planning for teens or pre teens.