Plan a Hollywood theme with free Hollywood party invitations

If you are ever stuck for an idea for a themed party, then why not choose a Hollywood theme? This can cover so many types of costumes, parties and persona’s that the possibilities are endless. Your guests could come dressed as the obvious Hollywood stars or starlets, but they can also come as producers, PR people or even an Academy award! As you can see a party like this can be so much fun as there is more personality in the characters that people will come dressed as. People can assume a persona of a Hollywood type.

You can decorate your home with Hollywood stars, old cameras or other Hollywood type items that you have sourced from garage sales or borrowed from friends. Stop by my other pages for some more themed  ideas and be sure to download some invitations for your fabulous parties! I have party invitations for every type of party (almost!) and they are all free printable to your home printer. You can print them on paper or cards. Please see our list of themed party invitations that you can use FREE and print at home on your printer.

The Hollywood theme is super popular and so is the TV show themed invites which are also a cool idea. I have a massive range of hundreds of invitations for any occasion so be sure to check back here if you have any occasion coming up. Feel free to print as many as you need! I am the party planning, party invitation, party ideas specialist! Fee free to download and print any of my free invitations anytime!