The 16th is such a wonderful age that I have decided to give it it’s own page filled with free sweet 16 birthday party invitations.

The sweet 16 is an amazing time for a girl and a very important turning point in her life and that of her parents. It marks the time when she begins her journey into womanhood and should be celebrated with a fabulous party. Being a woman is a fabulous journey and one that can fill your heart with joy. Women have the uncanny ability to overcome incredible obstacles and triumph over adversity. A girl’s 16th birthday is the beginning of a life that can be wonderful and fabulous! Get in early when planning your sweet 16 birthday party and download yourself a stunning free sweet sixteen birthday party invitation from my website.

The free sweet 16 birthday party invitations can be sent out to friends and relatives a few weeks prior to give everybody time to get ready. This tradition is popular in Latin and North America and most people have some type of celebration on the 16th year.

The sweet 16 party can be anything you want it to so make sure you get some party ideas from family and friends. Plan early and be sure to provide finger food the whole night so your guests are never hungry. How about a live band to play some of your daughter’s favorite songs? Be sure to send your party invitations out so that you get a good idea of how many people will be attending your party. Parties are a great way to get family and friends together to celebrate your party or event. I have heaps of free sweet sixteen party invitations for you to use on this website. I also have some great party ideas for themed parties. Please visit my themed parties page for more ideas. All my invitations are suitable for printing on cards or paper at home. There is nothing like a free invitation to get the party started!