Unicorns are most people’s spirit animal

Who doesn’t love free unicorn party invitations? Pretty much everybody you talk to loves unicorns. They seem to stand for all things good, fair and sweet. Such lovely colours and the idea that this mythical creature exists is so romantic. With this in mind, a unicorn themed party is a great idea, no matter what your age is. The whole unicorn concept appeals to a wide range of people around the world, so if you are a grown up and want a unicorn themed birthday party, then we are backing you up 100%. So much so, that we have made a pretty cool range of free printable unicorn party invites, which are ready for you to print off and give to your friends. We also have some ideas about food and drinks at your unicorn party, so stay tuned for a blog post coming up very soon.

Unicorns and glitter go hand in hand, so it stands to reason that glitter should be included somewhere in your party theme. You can get glitter icing for some cupcakes and you can also incorporate glitter in your decorations to make sure the whole shebang is legit.


The Unicorn theme is a Magical Theme

This theme is ideal for kids and does appeal to little girls. Boys also love the idea of unicorns when they are little so be sure to ask your son if he would like to include a unicorn themed invitation for his birthday party too. Rainbows and glitter go really well with this theme, so you have a good colour palette to start with when planning decor, food and overall theme of the room. This type of party does really well outdoors as unicorns would spend most of their time outside grazing and doing other cool unicorn stuff. If you have ever wondered what they eat, this is a great article. A park can be transformed into a whimsical wonderland pretty easily so you can hang your streamers up and set the tables in a natural outdoor setting.

Check your local dollar or two dollar store as they usually stock items that can be used for this type. For example glitter and streamers as well as paper plates and serviettes which all match in colour and style.