Free Bridal Shower invitations to get the party started.

Get amongst our free bridal shower invitations and save yourself some money on your wedding! The bridal shower is steeped in history and actually began in the 16th century in Holland. In modern times, takes place as a party held for the bride before her wedding where guests play games and bring gifts for the bride to be. Traditionally the invitees bring gifts for the brides to be before their weddings. The bridal party shower is mainly a North American practice but bears some resemblance to the Australian ‘Hens Night’ , however the Hens Night appears to be a little more rambunctious! Anyway no matter what you call it, you absolutely must have some great party invitations.

If you are planning a Bridal Shower then you will have some preparations to make so be sure to get started early. Give people a few weeks to respond to the initial inviation so you can secure numbers.

I have some great party ideas to share as well as many hundreds of free invitations for you to use for your next party or event. We have a range of bridal shower invitations that you can print out and use for free. We all more invitations each month so be sure to check back before your next big event to see if we have a free printable invitation for you to use. Please feel free to contact me if you have an idea for an invitation and I will try to make it for you. I am a mother from Sydney Australia who enjoys making invitations that people on the Internet can download and print for free. Enjoy my free invitations and I hope your event is a huge success.