The anniversary party should always be celebrated with fabulous free invitations.

Whether it is a wedding anniversary or any other kind of anniversary, a celebration or party is a great way to let people know you are proud of your achievement and our free anniversary invitations are the place to start planning your party. We have a HUGE range of FREE anniversary party invites as well as party ideas to suit your celebration and best of all you can download and print our invitations for free. A wedding anniversary is a fabulous milestone so celebrate it with fabulous party using a free printable invitation from

This type of event differs from a regular party because the couple have put the time and effort into staying together over the years. This deserves a special celebration, particularly if they have been partners for over a decade.

It Doesnt’ Matter Which Anniversary it is…Celebrate them all

Whether it is your first or fortieth anniversary, it is important to have a party to keep the spark alive in your marriage. Suitable for printing on cards or paper, all of my invites are free for you to download and print at home. It is my hobby to create invitations for you to use. Remember that a party can be made better with great party decorations so be sure to put some thought into the type of decorations you are going to have at your party.

The anniversary party is great for family and friends to organise and is usually well attended. Some party ideas for the anniversary party are to have photos of the couple blown up and displayed around the place so your guests can see the journey of your lives. You can also display the family tree on the wall if somebody has completed it. This is always of interests to your family to see where they fit in! You can also display things like awards and achievements that the couple have. Anniversary gifts are dependent on the amount of years the couple has been together. The longer they have been together, the less likely they are to need a toaster! I suggest you ask them to prepare a list of items that they need or donate to a charity in their name. Some gift ideas for the 1st anniversary are dinner sets, manchester or an all in one remote control.

I will be putting some more anniversary invitations up very shortly. You can also use my invitations to send to your partner / husband/ wife to invite them to a special dinner or celebration that you have planned. Its a very exciting time for you and you deserve to celebrate your anniversary in style. I also have invites for other occasions including but not limited to weddings, parties, children’s party, christening, themed parties, holidays and other special events. Please feel free to browse my site using the menu bar to the top left.