Choose free TV star party invitations for a unique party theme to impress your friends

If you are stuck for a theme for your next party, browse and download any of my invitations and get inspired! Everybody loves TV and soap stars and there are so many of them that a TV star party is a great idea! Not only is there literally thousands of costume ideas to choose from, but couples and groups of people can come dressed in a similar theme and it can be used for regular or birthday parties. We love binge watching TV series with friends so lets make it official with a printed invite to give them.

Some theme examples are Star Trek, Stranger Things, Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls, Handmaids Tale, Soap stars (too many to name),Entourage, Hospital dramas (too many to name), Sex and the City etc, etc. Don’t forget reality TV stars like kim kardashian, Travis Barker, those awful playboy women etc. As you can see the potential is immense so this choice of theme is very versatile for your guests. You can print out pictures of your favorite stars and use them in your decorations. We have many TV Star party invitations for you to download and print. See our other themed party invitations (yes all free too!)

TV invitations can also be used for a quiet night in. Invite your friends over, bust out the popcorn and chocolate fondue and watch the whole series of Twin Peaks, Sex and the City, Desperate Housewives or other quirky TV show. I personally recommend Northern Exposure, Entourage, Gilmore Girls and Style by Jury. I have free invites for every type of party, occasion or event and the best is they are all printable on your home printer.

Make your parties just that much better with a free invitation from my website. All my invitations are fine to print on invitation cards or straight to paper. Themed parties are a lot of fun and you are only limited by your imagination.