Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most asked questions about my site

  1. Can you custom make invitations? At this stage no, but in the future I may offer this as a service.
  2. Can I make a suggestion about a new invitation? At this stage I am not taking any requests. This may change in the future
  3. How do I use the site? Click on the invitation you want to print, and it will open in a PDF document. Once this is open, go file>print and it will print on your home printer. You can also save the PDF if you want to take it to a professional printer.
  4. Can I resell the invitations on this site? No you are not permitted to resell these designs. If you do this, you will be breaching copyright. You are permitted to print off as many as you like, but you may not resell the designs, or use them in a business capacity. This means you may not use a design to market your goods or services, you may not use any of these designs to generate any type of income. You CAN share the designs on social media or on your website but you MUST put a link back to this site and give image credit.
  5. The PDF isn’t opening properly. Click on the Adboe PDF reader and you can download to your pc or device.
  6. You don’t have the design I want. Please check back every now and again as we have new designs going up every few weeks.