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With so much to be thankful for, thanksgiving takes on new meaning and many people are grateful to simply be alive. Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated by the Americans and Canadians and is a national holiday in both countries. It’s main purpose is to celebrate the harvest and other blessings that have occurred during the year. Many people get together with their family and friends and from what I can gather, a lot of food is eaten. What are you thankful for? I can name 10 things right off the bat that I am thankful for. So choose one of our free thanksgiving invitations and invite your crew around for a bit of turkey and a few drinkies.¬†

Mostly my health and the fact that I have a home and food. Many people are not so lucky so I am always thankful of everything I am lucky enough to receive. Although I am not American or Canadian, I am still thankful every day for my blessings.


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Do you celebrate Thanksgiving where you are? Do you really need a national holiday to tell you to be grateful for all the awesome things that have happened to you over the last year? I think we should be grateful every single day. If you wake up alive, have food in your belly, a roof over your head and clothes on your back then you are better off than most of the people that inhabit this earth. So celebrate your good fortune with a feast, BBQ or dinner party you won’t soon forget or a party for all of your friends and loved ones. Oh and don’t forget the turkey which is the traditional thanksgiving food.¬†