Print Free Valentines Party Invitations for your next Valentines bash!

A party is a great way to get people together around the 14th February, Valentines day. What a sweet theme? We love it.

Get all your friends together and be sure to invite a similar number of single friends as you never know who will hook up!

You can decorate your home in red with roses and love hearts. You can string red and white streamers around the place to add to the atmosphere. You can get specialised decorations from a party store, however sometimes simple is best. You can use poster paper or cardboard to cut out some big red hearts to add to your already fabulous party decorations.

Be sure to introduce all single guests to each other to facilitate the romantic mode of your party! Feel free to download and print any of my invitations to use for free. Simply click on the invitation  you like and choose print from the file menu. See our printing instructions for further clarification.

Valentines day can be so much fun and holding a party is great because not only is it a great way to fill up February, but you can also have a good excuse to party in a cupid costume! Enjoy your party and consume alcohol sensibly. A valentines day party invitation may be the way to break the ice with your loved one! Let cupid pull his or her bow and arrow out and shoot you through the heart so you fall in love with the next person you see!