Yay for special events and free special event invitations. Those special days or nights through the year that we all look forward to.

These are amazing times to get together and celebrate with friends old and new with some special event invitations. These yearly events are well known around the world and are a good excuse to dress up and get out! Check out the holiday themed invitations if you are looking for something traditional. 

New years eve, Oktoberfest, cinco de mayo and other international celebrations invitations can be a little hard to come by, so that’s why we have created some for you to print out and use here, on this very cool website.

This is one of my favourite pages because I love special events and I am sure you do too.

Oktoberfest is a time to celebrate with some good beers and a questionable leather pair of shorts.

New Years Eve – Well everybody loves NYE and most people celebrate in one way or the other

Bris – From time to time I will offer religious holidays and I may eventually make it’s own page but for now these events will be under special events.

Cinco De Mayo – This date is very special to me and I wanted to include this to honour somebody who is very dear to me.

Australia Day – Well I am an Aussie and we love Australia day so fire up the barbie and get ready for a few brews.

St Patricks Day – Always a fun event with a rich history. St Patricks day is celebrated in most places around the world.