The bachelor party or bucks night (or parties) is a time honored tradition among men so it stands to reason that you will be needing invitations to send out to your friends. It celebrates the impending marriage of a man and he usually has ‘one last night with the boys’ before he walks down the aisle with his beloved. Try using one of our Free Bucks Night Bachelor Party Invitations to let your mates know when the party is going to be. You also better start detoxing.

The bachelor party is traditionally organized by the best man and invites are sent out to all his friends and family and the celebration theme is usually suited to the taste of the groom to be. The traditional bachelor party can be as tame or wild as you please but the general consensus is that you have your last good time before the wedding. I have found that most bachelors behave themselves at the bachelors party and more often than not, miss their partner so much that a drunken late night telephone call is usually expected by the bride! Even though she might be on her hens night she still might take your call. If you receive an invitation to the wedding then you know that you have behaved well at the bachelor bucks party!

Celebrate his last night of freedom

Groom to be black brick background

Bride and groom to be traditional party

You print invite for bucks or bachelor party

Black orange bucks party invitation

Dancing people red black invitation

Abstract dance theme colourful

Crowd dancing at rave

Close up of 3 hands waving bachelor

Shadows of partying bachelors supporting groom

Salmon blue background invite

Night time entertainment bucks party

DJ Party white background

One last night with the boys blue red

Tame or wild? Bucks night invite

Partying bachelors dance

Orange flame theme

Sun halo behind siilhettes

Spotty background

Best man organise

Organise entertainment

Send invitations to people you wish to invite

6 dancing pranks

DJ spinning bachelors



The celebration itself usually involves a lot of drinking, dancing and pranks played on the groom to be so get the boys together for a memorable Free Bucks Night / Bachelor Party Invitations. The bachelor party planning can be made easier by sending invitations out to all the people that you wish to invite to the stag night. You print these invites from home and you can use them instantly. This way you can have an idea of how many people are coming along to make it easier for you to organize entertainment, food etc. User my free invitations so you can cut costs. Simply open them up, choose print from the file menu and print out as many as you need! Or you can use them as an invitation template and add your own embellishments.

THERE ARE NO CATCHES, POP UPS OR JOINING UP. Simply find an invitation that you like, and print it. Easy!

I wish you well and hope that you all have a good time and stay safe. And remember if you get too wild, someone will tell your wife to be and she won’t be impressed. Don’t think that your mates will keep gossip to themselves for too long!

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