Mexican Party in the Spotlight – Themed Party Ideas

As far as a Mexican Party goes, it’s one of the favourite of the themed party circuit. Everyone loves throwing parties where everyone just enjoys a grand time. But instead of just a normal event, have you thought about having a theme to go with it? Today, let look at the concept of a themed party, with Mexican Party in the spotlight.

You don’t have to be Mexican to enjoy a Mexican-themed party. It has grown to be one of the popular fancy dress or dress up themes everywhere because of the exploding colours and larger than life designs. So how do you throw a Mexican Party?

Here are a few ideas to let your Mexican party fly high! You can use these as inspiration for your next big event.

Mariachi Band

No Mexican party is complete without a Mariachi band! It’s a combination of tons of elements – the musical instruments, the unique vocal stylings, the festive dances, and of course the whimsical performance costumes that envelop the whole venue. It is so representative of Mexican culture that it was recognised as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO in 2011.

Aztec Insignia

If you’re a fan of ancient stylings, an Aztec-themed party may be a great choice for you. From Aztec suns, breathtaking pyramids, to carvings on stone walls, it is certainly a mysterious theme that could create a whole new world for you and your guests.

Piñata Party

One of the staple figures in every Mexican party is the iconic piñata. It can come in various forms – unicorns, hearts, dinosaurs – you’re imagination is the only limit! They all share similar traits, such as the fact they are colourful, hollow papier-mâché sculptures which you smash to smithereens and then get the surprise treats inside! Truly a crowd pleaser.

Cinco de Mayo

Another famous Mexican party which you can take inspiration from is the Cinco de Mayo. All you need are flowy, traditional dresses for the ladies and Mexican costumes topped with wide “sombreros” for the gentlemen, and you have a party! Start dancing like there’s no tomorrow with a super cool cinco de mayo theme!

El Dia de los Muertos

A Mexican party wouldn’t the the same without some skulls. Thanks to animated movies like “The Book of Life” and “Coco,” El Dia de los Muertos has gained more fame. You can sport this look for your party with white face paints with colourful skull designs as well as vibrant altars. Of course, the music and the dancing can’t be left out!

If you’re planning to throw a Mexican Party, try some of our Mexican-inspired invitations to set the mood. Simply print them out, and that’s it! No obligations whatsoever! Have a great party!