Thanksgiving is a special day of giving thanks for the blessings received for the year, whether they’re big or small. Family and friends gather around the table and feast to their hearts’ content. Thanksgiving is celebrated by many countries around the world on various dates, but it is normally celebrated during the autumn season.

If you’re planning to throw a grand Thanksgiving party for your friends and family, here are some creative ideas to start with!


Get Thanksgiving-inspired Invitations

Thanksgiving is all about pumpkins, autumn leaves, turkeys, a pilgrim’s hat, corn and so much more. And what better way to start the excitement than sending out cute and creative Thanksgiving invitations? We have tons of free printable invitations for you to choose from!  You can even jazz it up by decorating your envelope with actual leaves or use pumpkin-shaped stickers to seal the envelope. Maybe even have your guests come dressed up according to the theme! Let your creativity go wild and you’re sure to get your guests excited.

Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving is all about the oranges, the yellows and the browns. You can have an orange-coloured table cover with beige placements and gold cutlery. For napkins, creatively fold them into the shape of an autumn leaf! For coasters, go for wood to give that authentic and autumn feel. You can use mini pumpkins as place cards for arranged seating. There’s also a lot of items from outside you can use as decorations, too: pinecones, acorns, twigs and branches, and even berries. Use these to your advantage to create a decorative dining area.

Thanksgiving Food and Drinks

Turkey is definitely the star of the show, so you’ve got to prepare that one first! Roasted turkey is the most common, but you can also serve your turkey baked, smoked, grilled or fried, whichever you like. Fill up your turkey with loads of stuffing to give it more flavour.

Thanksgiving Games and Activities

Games are great to get your guests excited and keep their energy on the high. You can change the rules here up a bit to make it more interesting.

  1. Pumpkin Ring Toss
  2. Turkey Scavenger Hunt 
  3. Corn-eating Contest
  4. Thanksgiving Charades
  5. Apple Bobbing
Thanksgiving Party Ideas - All Free Invitations
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