Celebrations with your loved ones are special moments. We put a lot of time into planning and making sure everything goes well. With so many ideas to choose from, we’re here to help you spark your creativity and inspiration with 10 ways to party with your beloved.

Not all couples are cut out to be party animals, but when you’re in the mood to turn up with your partner, it can be fun to go together. This doesn’t mean that you have to make wild choices or do anything crazy, though—you can still take the time to enjoy each other’s company while partaking in any of these ways to make celebrating with your partner even better.

Plan your theme

Planning a theme is probably the trickiest part of planning any celebration with your beloved. You don’t want the theme to just be anything. It has to be something that he or she loves. If he loves playing video games, create a party with his/her favourite game as the theme. If they love the outdoors, camping and barbeque are great activities together.

Cook Their Favourite Food

Most couples love it when their partners prepare a meal especially for him or them. After all, the way to a person’s heart is his stomach! You also have the option to dine out at his or her favourite restaurant or to a place they’ve been wanting to try out.

This is one of my favourite date nights for two reasons: First, it can be extremely relaxing. While you’re together in the kitchen, talking and laughing over your favourite dishes, there’s no pressure to do anything else other than enjoy each other’s company. Second, cooking together means you get to take home leftovers—yum!

Make His or Her Favourite Dessert

Cakes are fine, but making a dessert your partner loves the most would make any party extra special. It’ll remind them how you remember the small things. It’s easy to get carried away by showing your love in big, expensive ways. But one of our favourite romantic gestures is finding small ways to surprise your partner every day. Nothing says I love you like making their favourite dessert or putting fresh flowers on their nightstand.

10 Ways to Party with your Beloved - All Free Invitations

Write a Heartfelt Letter

When everything is virtual these days, conveying our feelings the old-fashioned way isn’t so bad. Texts and video calls are great, but there’s something personal about handwritten love letters.

Start the party by giving your partner a personalised letter. They will for sure appreciate the love you poured out into writing your feelings for him or her on a piece of paper. Plus, it makes for a great keepsake in the years to come.

Attend an event he/she’s been looking forward to

Surprise your loved one with tickets to a concert or an event he/she’s been always wanting to attend. They will love the effort.

Gift Hunting at Home

You can gift your loved one a special item that they have always wanted, or hide smaller gifts around the home that will lead them to his or her actual gift. You can also secretly hand it to them for that element of surprise.

A Getaway

Once things become better, and if you have the time, take a trip to wherever your partner wants to go. You can book a week’s stay at a lodge or an inn, or go out camping for a few days. A getaway is always a great idea. We all know how easy it is to find excuses not to do something, but chances are if you’re having trouble getting excited about your partner’s birthday or anniversary, then something else might be wrong. If that’s indeed the case, doing something fun together can be just what you need as a couple.

So whether it’s planning a trip away or trying an activity that neither of you has tried before, don’t let life get in your way. Keep those special dates on your calendar and enjoy every minute!

Movie Marathon at Night

Load up the popcorn and drinks, and get all his/her favourite films at the ready. Spend the day together by just binge-watching and being all lazy!

Ask Your Partner What He/She Wants To Do

While surprise parties and planned parties are great ideas, considering your partner’s tastes is admirable. After all, it’s his/her party! It’s easy to spend a lot of time and energy focusing on your own preferences and having an awesome night, but if you want to truly enjoy every moment of whatever you’re celebrating, it’s helpful to ask your partner what they like.

If they like dancing, make sure you pick a club or bar where there will be plenty of room for them (and you!) on the dance floor. If they like live music, see if any bands or artists are playing close by; it’ll make for great conversation during dinner.

Or maybe getting away from it all is more their thing: At home? Great! On a beach somewhere? Also awesome! The important thing is understanding what gets them excited—so that you can help make that happen.

Give Your Partner All Your Attention

The best way to make celebrating your special day even better is by making sure you know what your partner wants. Whether it’s a certain outfit, a favourite restaurant or a particular activity, asking what your partner likes will go a long way in helping you set up an unforgettable celebration.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to stick only to those ideas—doing something that involves both of you can be a lot of fun too. But having a starting point can help make sure everyone is on board and looking forward to the big day.

So talk it out with your partner beforehand and figure out what they want before going any further. It might be easier than you think!

Another tip: When you’re together celebrating at a party, pay extra attention to your partner. Don’t become preoccupied with social media, and make yourself fully available for him or her. One-on-one moments are always special.

Let’s Start the Party!

These are only some of the many great ideas to help make any party for your beloved special. If you’re looking for more inspiration, head over to our website and see what piques your partner’s interest.

10 Ways to Party with your Beloved - All Free Invitations