A Bon Voyage party is traditionally held to say goodbye to friends and family who were about to embark on a lengthy sea journey and must be always celebrated with a free downloadable and printable invitation from my website! Free Bon Voyage Party Invitations is the name of the game here and I have your needs covered.

I am your online resource for any type of themed party or any types of parties. These days a bon voyage party can be held for anybody who is going away including backpacking trips, short breaks, overseas vacations and long service leave. Pretty much any time you will not see a person for any length of time, a bon voyage party can be held. It can also be held if you are running short of ideas and just want a funky theme for your next party! Whether you are leaving in a bus, a car or a cruise ship, be sure to say goodbye properly with a Bon Voyage party!


Bon Voyage party invitation

goodbye to friends and family

going backpacking or on a trip

bon voyage to a lengthy sea journey

bright red car with yellow background

travellers in a bus

sophisticated lady with pull luggage

cruise ship palm tree

Las Vegas style bus

Man with suitcase

Bon voyage goodbye

Yellow bus with travellers


When somebody is leaving on a trip, a bon voyage party is a nice thing to hold for them. It makes them feel wanted and gives them something to look forward to at the end of their trip! Make somebody’s day by throwing them an impromptu going away party! A BBQ is a good solution to this party and everybody loves food cooked on the barbie.

Simply find an invitation that you like, and print it. Easy!

I send you all my best wishes for a successful and fun party.

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