ISO or Isolation Parties – Virtual Parties

Iso parties are the world’s answer to COVID-19 lockdown rules.

Forget sitting at home alone – why not throw a virtual party. Nobody needs to get dressed up…all you need is a good attitude, some drinks and munchies, and a webcam. Get your friends on zoom, facetime or skype (or something else) and have an iso party. You can still hang out with your friends during lock-down, you just have to have a bit of imagination.

If you are sick of being home alone with only your cat for company, then get yourself invited to an iso party. Come as you are, and grab a drink at home and get ready for some hilarious conversations. I think even when this is over and it’s safe to go out again, I still think that many people will continue the tradition of virtual drinks with friends from home. I personally love this idea, you get the company but without the need to go out especially when it’s cold.

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No need to dress up.

The good thing about isolation parties is you don’t really need to put too much effort into what you are wearing. Even if you do put some effort in, then you really only need to do it from the waist up. Who is going to know if you aren’t wearing pants, or you are wearing sweatpants? Nobody. I think the best thing about isolation is that you can dress in all day pyjamas. Most people have day pyjamas and night pyjamas and I am ok with this. Also with zoom parties you will probably find people are wearing slippers on their feet or if it’s summer they may be barefoot.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an awfult time and probably the hardest time any of us will have to suffer through. But the good thing is that we get to spend much more time at home, something that not many of us has the luxury of doing. 

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