Have you been itching to get out and see your friends or family? With the current coronavirus pandemic, things have been stressful and difficult for many of us. Just sitting down to have a chat with someone we love sounds like a dream. While we’re not able to violate stay-at-home orders, nor should we, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a lockdown party! Having a virtual party during lockdown is a great way to reconnect with others and regain a bit more normalcy. How do you have a virtual party with friends and family? We’ll tell you our favourite ways below!



Having a Virtual Party During Lockdown

Are you tired of being stuck at home? Are you missing seeing your favorite people? While it’s important to stay at home during this time in order to keep yourself and others safe, that doesn’t mean you have to feel completely isolated!

Thanks to the Internet and further advancements in technology, we’re now more connected than ever. Your friends, family, neighbours, and coworkers are all a simple click away! All of the options we’ll offer you below can be used with a computer, tablet, or smartphone device. Therefore, you should be able to accommodate almost anyone that wants to join.

The most popular option right now worldwide to host a virtual party is Zoom. Boasted as the leader in modern video communications, Zoom allows up to 100 people to get together and chat with video and audio options.

You can also have fun by changing your own virtual background or using another program (Snap Camera) to add entertaining filters. Once you download Zoom, you can invite everyone you’d like to join to download the program or app as well. You can then give them a link or your meeting code to allow them to join. Just don’t post this information publicly so it only remains open to only those you invite.

Having a Virtual Party During Lockdown

Before Zoom became so popular, most people relied on Skype for their video calls. Skype comes preinstalled on many computers and smartphones, therefore you and your loved ones might find it easier to get started with. It allows for up to 50 users in one conference, so you should have enough room to party with almost everyone! Skype has been around for many years and though it doesn’t boast as many features as Zoom does, a lot of people find it more reliable to use.


Popular Apps for a Lockdown Party

No computer? No problem! While the aforementioned programs can be used on the computer or a smartphone, these next two apps are strictly for mobile devices! The two right now that people are loving the most are an app called Houseparty and Facebook Messenger.

To be clear, Facebook Messenger for video chatting can now be used on computers with a separate program as well. However, since it was originally mobile-only, we’re counting it as just an app here. Facebook Messenger is another app that most people already have. It can host up to 50 people in one chat and also include fun filters that most users can access.

Houseparty is not a new app but it has gained popularity during the lockdown as people look for ways to connect with one another. Houseparty is unique in that it offers interactive and collaborative games for you and your guests to play. These include a form of Pictionary, Heads Up, and trivia. You can chat with up to 8 people in one room but you can also move around between multiple rooms to chat with everyone.

Having a Virtual Party During Lockdown

Are You Ready to Host?

If you’re ready to host your own virtual party during the lockdown, we’ve got you covered! Take a look at our selection of free invitations you can send out to your friends and family. Choose your favorite video chatting platform, choose a date and time, select one of our free invitation templates, and then invite everyone you love to join! It will surely help lift your and everyone else’s spirits. Stay safe and have fun!

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